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Sharynn's Quilt Box

Newsletter - February 2, 2021



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February 2, 2021


WOW!! February is already here along with cold weather! This is a great time to get into your projects and get some done.


Beginning tomorrow February 3rd thru February 6th, our sale fabrics will be $7.00 per yard with a one yard minimum cut. (If the fabric is marked down to $6.00 per yard, it will be $5.00 per yard). Come in and help us clean out the sale racks!


Are you ready to begin quilting your own quilts? We have the perfect machine for you….the Handi-Quilter MOXIE. This machine is 15” of quilting space on an 8’ frame. It is free motion with no basting or cramming your quilt thru your regular machine. We have this machine on SPECIAL PRICING….$4500.00! This pricing won’t last long and we have 2 in stock. So come in and give it a try. Darrell can show you all the “ins and outs” of this machine.  


Handi-Quilter brand quilting machines are the top-selling longarms in the world. They are dependable, well built and come with a commitment of service that is the best! And Darrell has 12 years of experience selling, servicing and set up of Handi-Quilter machines. So if you are considering a longarm be sure to check us out as we have the knowledge and experience to help you.


Mark your calendar for March 13th……we will begin to have our Sharynn’s Stitching Friends again! We will have chairs set up we will social distance and wear masks. Please come and join us. Anyone who paid dues in 2020 is automatically “enrolled”. Even if you didn’t pay dues come anyway and join in the fun. Dues are $15.00 for the year. We begin at 9 a.m. Please remember to wear a mask but if you forget, we have one you can have.

In March, we are hoping to get back to our “sit ‘n’ sew”. First, the weather will be more predictable and we are hoping that COVID rates will decline. As we know you are aware, small businesses like ours depend on our customers to walk thru the doors. It’s the only way we survive.


We are continuing with our current hours…10-4 Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and 10-2 on Saturday. If you can’t get here during these hours, please call so that we can make arrangements for you. We do still ask that you wear a mask.